Heel Pain Treatment Options

Dealing with heel pain can be incredibly uncomfortable and can interrupt your daily life. It’s important that you are not ignoring your pain and that you are getting the care you need in order to find relief. Heel pain is often caused by a condition known as plantar fasciitis which requires specific treatments to begin the healing process. Dr. Timothy Gardner, DPM can explain what your options are for treating your heel pain so that you can start living comfortably again.

Options for Treating Your Heel Pain

Heel pain can often be treated with conservative methods that Dr. Gardner can recommend you do at home. You may need to take anti-inflammatory medications as needed and ice your feet throughout the day.

Dr. Gardner can recommend some specific stretching exercises that can help strengthen your feet and alleviate any tightness that you might experience. This can also help improve the flexibility of certain muscles, which can help reduce your pain.

You may need to wear custom orthotics in your shoes for extra support and cushioning. Orthotics help to support the arch and absorb shock that might be placed on your feet as you walk. You should also be wearing shoes that fit properly and are specifically made for whatever activity you are engaging in. In severe cases, surgery may be needed to repair the plantar fascia.

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